Getting to know San Pedro is an adventure in itself.  Although small, this town is very much alive and kicking and it makes no secret of this.  As soon as you step of the water taxi or out of the ‘airport’ (more of a well serviced landing strip), you are greeted by a buzzing yet laid back town.

One of the first things that struck me when I arrived was the good vibe the place had, helped by the sun, sea and the people living here.  San Pedro is home to home to a  variety of people of different ethnicity and cultures and on your journey to your hotel you will likely hear English, Creole and Spanish, among others, spoken.  This blend of people is reflected in the food, art,

architecture, music and in countless other places.  Best of all, they tend to be united in their good nature to visitors to their town.

If you are on a tight budget during your time in San Pedro, you can do far worse that renting a couple of bikes from Pedro’s and hitting the streets.  Every time you head into town you are likely to encounter something new, and although San Pedro is small, there is still a lot to explore. 

The stroll to town…
Grab a bite to eat at Estelle’s

Belikin Delivery!

Pedro’s Hotel

The view from the beach out into the ocean can be admired all day, and is best accompanied with a couple of Belikins under the shade of a palm tree.





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