We had a KILLER time on Friday with Gino and the Shackshakers playing live and serving Cindy’s famous Pad Thai (chicken or shrimp with green curry). The guest’s loved it. Our favorite Swedes also made up a batch of a special Swedish brew – they called it the Swedish House Bomb… See some photos below…

This week we’ve got lots going on, including a special food night tonight (Sunday) – Free Range Fried Chicken with mashed potato, Chipotle mayo and Ratatouille. There will also be a 1/2 cash Poker game tonight in the Poker Room at 5:00 pm.

Monday and Wednesday nights starting at 7:00 pm will also feature cash Poker.

Thursday at 7:30 pm is Trivia Night and Friday once again features live music with Gino and the Shackshakers – stay tuned to see if there will be a Food Special on Friday night!


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