Sad Bastard’s Christmas was a roaring success. Over 70 came for dinner and about 50 people participated in the Gift Exchange Game afterward… Here are some photo’s from tacogirl Boydie’s Belize Blog.

With Christmas and New Year’s come and gone, it’s time to exchange all those horrible gifts you received and will never use… and of course the best way to do that is at a Stuff Swap! So the Post Christmas Stuff Swap will be happening on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 from 6:00 pm on, at Pedro’s Pizza. Bring in all of the things that you no longer want or use, and swap it for stuff that you will use… Brilliant! Just keep in mind that the stuff should be in good condition.

It’s official! While the New Swimming Pool has been getting a great deal of use from our guests, the first Official Pool Party at Pedro’s is set for Saturday, coinciding with another of the popular Stuff Swaps.

So, this is your official invitation to join us on Saturday September 27th at 5:00 pm (or earlier if it’s a hot afternoon!).

Stuff Swaps are really quite simple, you bring your old stuff that you don’t want or need anymore (must be in decent condition). Whatever you don’t use anymore… clothing, home stuff, books, DVDs, tools – whatever it is. We pile everything onto a table and you can take anything you want for free – it’s that easy… first come first serve of course.

Here are some photos of previous stuff swaps courtesy of tacogirl (and a couple of ‘frolicking in the new pool’ photos as well). Hope to see you on Saturday! And if you’d like to get on the party invitation list, just contact tacogirl from her blog.