Stan, the blue Stormtrooper!

This week we’re running 1/2 us NL Hold’em cash Poker games on Sunday and Monday at 7pm and as always, we’re buying the food and the drinks for cash game players.

Thursday night is Trivia at Pedro’s again, and Friday night (as always) features a food special and live music by Gino and the Shackshakers… Since it’s the last night at Pedro’s for our good friend Stan the Man from Belgium-land, also known at the Blue Stormtrooper – perhaps we should do some waffles!

We are currently planning on taking Wednesday night off from Poker this week. If something changes and we can’t stay away from the felt, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Also, congratulations to Drew Miller, the winner of the April High Hand Promotion. His qualifying hand of a 9 high straight flush has won him a brand new Acer Iconia Tab. We are now into our May High Hand Promotion where the highest hand will win a Kindle Fire tablet computer. The high hand to beat is currently a full house, Queens over Threes.

Also, we’re amping up the Bad Beat Jackpot this week to $5500. Quads beat qualifies you for the majority share of the jackpot.

We had such a good time last Friday night that we forgot to take pictures of Hugo’s great Paella… the Sangria went down that well!


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