Pay for Your Stay with Bitcoin

To purchase a room with Bitcoin – just email to check availability! Then, when agreed upon Pedro’s Hotel will send you a Bitcoin invoice to complete the transaction. Pay for your stay with bitcoin!

bitcoin-2On March 23rd 2016, Pedro’s Hotel in San Pedro, Belize started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment at their Hotel, Bar and Pizzeria. They became the first hotel in Central America and one of only 4 hotels in the world to allow guests to pay for their stay with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, a relatively young digital currency, has seen increasing acceptance in recent months, particularly by popular online companies like Reddit and WordPress. However, brick and mortar businesses have been slow in understanding the benefits it brings to a local business. The owner of Pedro’s Hotel, Peter Lawrence saw the potential benefits that Bitcoin could bring to his business. Lawrence said, “With Bitcoin we will be able to lower our transaction cost. It’s perfectly suited to our type of business where nearly all of our reservations are taken online or over the phone.”

You can now use Bitcoin as a payment method to book any of our rooms at Pedro’s Hotel. You can also use Bitcoin to pay for food and drinks at the bar by pre-purchasing bar credit in the hotel office.

To check availability, make a reservation or learn more about paying for rooms with Bitcoin, email or call 1-800-213-8347(US) or +501-226-3825 (Belize).

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that can be used to buy and sell goods online without a credit card. Transactions in Bitcoin are anonymous, irreversible and are completed with very low transaction fees. For more information about bitcoin, please visit