Well, she seems pretty settled into her office and pretends to look like she’s working rather well. She now has lots of new things in her office: a shelf full of books for guests to borrow, DVD players and movies for guests to hire, a big red shiny CocaCola fridge full of drinks (especially beer – mmmmmmmmm beer), Cinnamon Buns, a coffee maker so that she can wake the guests up, a microwave so they can warm their Cinnabuns, T-shirts, board games, floaties, snorkel stuff…anyone would think she’s enjoying this!
Of course, we can’t seem to get her out of the pool, in the mornings she has iced coffee in one hand as she hangs onto a floaty with the other, and in the afternoon it’s a Lighthouse!
She keeps assuring me that she’s working really hard…img_8204-150x150

Walter and Cindy working VERY hard


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