We seem to have very important things to do – I have since found exactly what all the “very important meetings” means exactly – Peter has been having these “meetings” since I’ve known him. Being now his official Girl Friday, I had to go on one of these meetings.

Here we are, happy on the golf cart to get the boatimg_02341

Charlie on the backseat – she loves going for a spinimg_0235

Here is the boatimg_0240

How do you drive it?img_0241

Adonis eat your heart out – Captain Pedro made me weak at the knees (bwahahahahaha)img_0246

First Mate Charlieimg_0248

I was complaining that there were no dolphins – as if on cue – one popped up and playedimg_0252

Caye Caulker in the backgroundimg_0254

Charlie getting ready to bully dogs on a different Cayeimg_0255

Still one of my favourite boatsimg_0257

I tied it to a log! Captain P was not impressedimg_0258

Lazy Lizard bar at the splitimg_0259

Swimming at the split and the collapsed seawallimg_0260

Caye Caulker – all hustle and bustleimg_0261

Doing very important “meeting” things – now I’ve busted him….”meeting” means eating and drinking….img_0262

Ouch – look at that sky, time to leave the island and get back to San Pedro before we get soakedimg_0263


Being followed by a big grey cloud all the way homeimg_0265

A happy Girl Fridayimg_0274

I promised to not put the photos up concerning lack of mooring skills or make any reference to said lack of skills – oops – sorryimg_0275

We had no idea how to get Charlie out of the very low boat and onto the very high dock – so Captain Pedro just threw her in the seaimg_0276

Charlie walking back to the beach

And a good afternoon was had by all, we got back to the office slightly tipsy and slightly sunburnt – that’s always the sign of a good meeting!


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