It’s not every day young Cindy gets married so I wanted to make sure she had a proper wedding.

Off to Cindy and Jeff's wedding we go

Bride getting ready

Of course her friends came

Paul and Jeff the happy groom

The groom enjoying a drink before the ceremony

Cindy and Molly

Lovely Cindy and Molly the wonderdog

Molly and Cindy waiting for the ceremony to start

Molly and the happy bride to be

Pedro and Paul

Quenching my thirst before doing the ceremony

Jack giving away the bride

Here comes the lovely bride being given away by Jack

Let the ceremony begin

Pedro did a fine job marrying Cindy and Jeff

Here we are doing the ceremony

He put a big rock on her finger

You may kiss the bride

Jeff having trouble finding the bride under all that veil

Thumbs up from Jack - the deal is sealed

Thumbs up from Jack, he is ready for toast time

Cindy throwing the boquet

Cindy tossing her flowers

Nice catch

Look honey I caught tbe boquet

Sev and Tacoboy are off the hook, Rikke caught the flowers, Christian is dubious

Pedro toasted Cindy and Jeff with a ring of the bell

Toasting the happy couple

Mitch pedro Paul and Jack
Charlie wearing a message written in non toxic paint... Jeff
heart Cindy

Poor Charlie got sprayed with non toxic hair color – Jeff loves Cindy

The happy couple posing for the framable wedding picture

The happy couple, estranged already? Love that pink wifebeater

There was poker pizza and DandE's frozen custard afterward

Playing poker with friends is a fine way to spend your wedding night

Ring from Sowders fine Jewelery

Luckily she did not loose her rock in the poker game

The bride wore pink and so did the groom

The groom going back to the poker room to get some action

Photos from tacogirl blog


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